EPS testing master system

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An innovative tool for performing the diagnostic analysis of electronic power steering units including electric power steering racks, electric steering columns and electro-hydraulic steering pumps. The device is built to simulate the real vehicle conditions even with the road load thus allowing you to test hundreds of different EPS and EHPS steering units without having a single vehicle in the garage. User friendly software interface grants the easy-of-use. OBD II port allows connection of external vehicle diagnostics tools for in-depth error detection. Flexi-arm mechanism with automatic motor allows easy continuous pinion rotation testing of different electric steering racks. A range of mounting tools allows easy mounting of different electric steering columns. Developed for remanufacturing lines. FlexRay testing available.

Main characteristics

  • Durable and reliable testing rig
  • Possibility to connect every steering unit using only one generic cable
  • Possibility to test steering racks with road load
  • Universal mount for steering racks, quick adjustment and high durability
  • Flexi-arm with automatic pinion rotation testing motor
  • Possibility to mount different steering columns using a set of special tools
  • OBD II connection
  • Realtime vehicle conditions simulation
  • On-screen live data
  • On-screen unit connection diagram with every unit software
  • User-friendly software interface
  • EHPS hydraulic pressure testing module PUMPDRIVE available
  • Ability to test more than 300 different steering units with number increasing every week

Initial package contents

  • EPS testing master system rig
  • All concurrently available testing software
  • Power supply with battery cables
  • 2 OBD II plug connectors
  • 7 special cables for most common steering units
  • 2 generic connection cables (large pin/small pin)
  • Set of special tools for convenient mounting of different steering columns
  • Micro connector plug
  • Operating instructions manual
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 12 months of free testing software updates
  • 12 months equipment warranty

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: W – 1500, D – 1000, H – 1800
  • Weight: 500 kg


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