Hydraulic steering testing console

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Easy to move around hydraulic steering testing apparatus capable of testing loose steering racks as well as be connected to the whole vehicle steering system. Perfect to move around the premises.

Main characteristics

  • Double pressure meter 250 bar
  • Double hydraulic circuit to use internal or external pump
  • Flow meter indicator for measuring the flow of steering fluid through the system
  • High precision additional flow meter dedicated for testing of hydraulic distributor internal leakage
  • Internal hydraulic pump controlled by electric motor
  • Double magnetic filter
  • 10 micrometers steering fluid filter
  • Ability to check the pressure, flow and leakage while connected to the vehicle steering system

Initial package contents

  • Hydraulic steering testing console
  • Connection hoses

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: W – 650, D – 550, H – 1400
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Power: 110/220V


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